Still lives in Berlin, installation version on August 11th / 12th

21h - 24h in Studio 1 in der Tanzfabrik Berlin

GIES, POCHERON, PELMUS, SCHAD / Good Work Productions / Cie Isabelle Schad

Concept and realisation: Frederic Gies, Manuel Pelmus, Bruno Pocheron, Isabelle Schad

Production / management: Wassili Zygouris

Technical realisation: Olivier Heinry, Bruno Pocheron

Still Lives starts in the streets of different cities (Essen, Halle, Lille, Bucharest and Berlin), where Good Work Productions’ team collects descriptions and comments on ’The Stumbling Block’, a photography by Canadian artist Jeff Wall. The collected sound material, free of any sensationalism, is reorganized towards creating a continuous soundtrack for the performances realized in each city. The connections between the different points of view taken by the interviewed persons provide the base for choreographic and scenic propositions.

In the cyclic installation version created in the frame of ’Berliner Ermittlungen’, the dispositive is designed to confront the sound materials gathered in each city with one another. The transcriptions of all the interviews are projected on five screens, each dedicated to a specific place.

The actual juxtaposition of paroles and statements expressed in different cities allows to observe and highlight similarities and differences in perceiving Jeff wall’s image and in positioning towards it.

More generally, ’The Stumbling Block’ functions here as a filter - its descriptions give an insight on the interviewed people, their different ways of perceiving the world, their social realities, as well as a sketch for an affective portrait of the places where they live .

Gefördert durch: Senatsverwaltung für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur Berlin, Pact-Zollverein Essen, Goethe Institut Bukarest,

Centrul National al Dansului Bucuresti/National Dance Center Bucharest, Latitudes Contemporaines Lille, Festival Stadt Deiner Liebe Halle.

See online : Tanzfabrik website

Published 30 August 2006

Reflection / Zoom sharing @ Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

I have had the pleasure to share this work with students and audiences connected to the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. In collaboration with Goethe Institute Hongkong.

After sharing 30min excerpt from the piece on video, we have started a conversation around the topics, practices and concerns touching this work and my practices in general. I have been impressed by the questions coming from the students during this Zoom Meeting, thank you so much.
18. November 2020, 11 - 13h German Time.

pic: D. Hartwig, all rights reserved.

Published 18 November

Der Bau-Gruppe / Kids @ FRATZ

It is a real pleasure to be able to prepare and present our piece DER BAU-Gruppe / Kids for kids (and adults) from 3 years onwards.

We are also proud to present it in the space where it has been created and developed at first: at Tanzhalle Wiesenburg. It is now shown in the frame of FRATZ Festival Berlin 2020.

Eine Bühne voller schwarzer Säcke. Langsam erwachen sie zum Leben, sie richten sich auf, bewegen sich fort, erkunden den Raum. Plötzlich erscheint ein Arm, dann ein Bein, schließlich ein ganzer Mensch. In Franz Kafkas unvollendeter Erzählung »Der Bau« wird ein Tierbau beschrieben, gebaut von einem Tier, das in den unterirdischen Höhlen und Gängen Schutz sucht und sich dann zunehmend darin verliert. Die Erzählung dient als titelgebende Metapher und Ausgangsbasis für die Erforschung einer besonderen Beziehung zwischen Körper und Raum.
pic: D.Hartwig. all rights reserved.

Freitag 23.10.2020 : 9h und 11h
Samstag 24.10.2020 : 15h und 17h
Tanzhalle Wiesenburg Berlin. Wiesenstr.55.

Samstag 24.10.2020 : 20-22 Uhr
Klein, aber oho!
Choreograf*innen über die Arbeit für ein (sehr) junges Publikum

See online : FRATZ Festival

Published 20 October

Pre-Premiere @ Transart Bozen

In a set of two frames which take the center and mirror one another, her movements rotate and accumulate towards a complex, highly physical outflow.

pic: I.Schad, all rights reserved.

23.09.20, 20:00
Via Macello 38
39100 Bolzano

See online : Transart Bozen

Published 26 September

Turning Solo @ Globe Theatre

Turning Solo @ Globe Theatre with Jasmin Ihrac
08.09.2020, 19:00 - anschließend Konzert mit dem Uli Geissendoerfer Trio
(Open Air am Österreichpark, Charlottenburg)
10589 BERLIN

Nach vielen Aufführungen im Theater und in Museen ist TURNING SOLO zum ersten Mal als Open Air Performance im Globe Theater Berlin und in der Interpretation von Jasmin Ihrac zu sehen.

pic: D.Hartwig, all rights reserved.

"Nicht Ekstase ist das Ziel der hoch konzentrierten Selbstverschraubung, sondern die meditative Ausstülpung von Bewegungsenergien, die dem Sog des erzeugten Strudels standhalten. Eine beglückende Doppelmeditation, die die Welt auf jeden Fall besser macht." (Astrid Kaminski)

Published 26 September

Showings@Tanzhalle Wiesenburg

“Knotting is movement that never begins, never ends, ongoing and infinite, repetitive and everlasting performed with highly physical engagement.“

pic: I.Schad, all rights reserved.
When | Friday 4th September 2020 • 20:00h
| Saturday 5th September 2020 • 18:00h • 20:00h
+ Where | Wiesenstrasse 55, 13357 Berlin – Wedding

See online : Wiesenburg

Published 26 September

Showings @ Tanzhalle Wiesenburg

Rotations asks for a basic trust in motion, consciousness and universal energies: everything is already there

28th + 29th August at 18:00 and 19:30 o’clock
Wiesenstrasse 55, 13357 Berlin – Wedding

Visitor capacity is limited due to the current corona regulations.
Please reserve seats in advance by email at:
pic: I.Schad, all rights reserved

See online : Wiesenburg

Published 13 August