Still Lives in Bucharest

in the Centrul National al Dansului Bucuresti (CNDB) - National Dance Center Bucharest
BD Nicolae Balcescu nr 2 et. 3/4, sector 1 Bucuresti
Tel.: +40 (21) 319 73 82 / 318 86 76

on Friday, the 27th and Saturday, the 28th of October 2006 at 19:30h

Concept and realisation:
Frédéric Gies, Manuel Pelmus, Bruno Pocheron, Isabelle Schad

Performance in Bucharest:
Mihaela Baduta, Florentina Barbu, Ana Coltatu, Anca Costache, Carmen Cotofana, Alexandra Cucu, Maria Francesca Dogaru, Ruxandra Draghicescu, Vanessa Gageos, Bianca Gainus, Frédéric Gies, Lucian Ianus, Cristina Lilienfeld, Ina Morarescu, Cristian Nanculescu, Luiza Neumayer, Vlad Parvulescu, Ionut Pascu, Smaranda Ileana Pasnicu, Manuel Pelmus, Carmen Peniuc, Bruno Pocheron, Gabi Porojan, Ana Ramona, Ioana Rufu, Ramona Stoica, Isabelle Schad, Silvia Ungureanu, Constanta Urzeala, Andra Cristina Daniela Vizante, Sanda Watt

Published 26 October 2006


Among 83 premieres of Berlin children’s and youth theatre the jury has nominated a total of 9 productions for the prestigious Ikarus Award 2022
So proud that Harvest is one of them! Stay tuned to see how it goes on....

In the meantime, you can see the show as part of the Fratz International festival on 18 and 19 May 2022.
Information and tickets here:

Pic by Dieter Hartwig all rights reserved

Published 16 May


Glad to be part in this year’s edition of Potsdamer Tanztage with Mouvements, a durational performance where the choreographic material of Double Portrait meets the sculptures of Robert Schad.

Robert Schad & Isabelle Schad
14 – 15 MAY 2022 |

MOUVEMENTS is an encounter between Robert Schad and me, our works around and with sculpture and dance, presence and material, as well as the two performers Przemek Kaminski and Nir Vidan. Robert Schad’s sculptures meet //Double Portrait//. They seem to want to lift off the ground despite constructive rigidity in motion, despite physical heaviness. The physical movement of the dancer unfolds in contrast, dissolving the rigidity, reacting to impulses of movement in the sculptures, and passing them on to the space. In //Double Portrait//, the two dancers become extensions of each other. In changing interdependencies, a common space emerges that unites self and strangeness, intimacy and care, colliding forces and sensuality. Fragments of this work will now resonate with Robert Schad’s sculptures for the first time, reshaping them and making them tangible in a durational installation. Robert Schad’s sculptures and the dancers are united by the development of their expression through the play of their limbs in space.

SAT 14 MAY 5-7 P.M. // OPENING

SUN 15 MAY 3-5 P.M.


Sculptures: Robert Schad
Choreography: Isabelle Schad
Co-choreography and performance: Przemek Kaminski, Nir Vidan
The choreography Double Portrait is a production by Isabelle Schad, co-produced by @hauberlin and defacto Zagreb.
In cooperation with Kunstverein KunstHaus Potsdam.

Published 10 May

Collective Jumps + Pieces & Elements + Reflection

We are thrilled that the 3 works will be presented to Berlin audiences for the first time as the trilogy GROUP WORKS in a continuous period of time at the Uferstudios and Hebbel am Ufer.
It would be great to see there!

Collective Jumps (2014, in collaboration with Laurent Goldring) + Pieces & Elements (2016)
31.03.–03.04.22 | Uferstudios | 7 p.m.

Reflection (2019)
09.–12.04.22 | HAU1 Hebbel am Ufer | 5 p.m. / 8 p.m.

Pic. by Laurent Goldring, all rights reserved

Pic. by Dieter Hartwig, all rights reserved

Pic. by Dieter Hartwig, all rights reserved

Published 22 March

Infinite Movements - Sculpture#1 @ Theaterhaus Stuttgart

We will be sharing our piece within the context of the Biennale Tanzausbildung in Stuttgart tomorrow.

21.2.2022 at 20h @ Theaterhaus Stuttgart T3

pic: Maciej Rusinek, all rights reserved.

See online :

Published 20 February

Premiere @ Gallus Theater Frankfurt: Infinite Movements - Sculpture#1

We have had an intense and exciting process @ HfMDK where Dieter Heitkamp has invited me to create a short piece with the students of the 3rd year for the Biennale Tanz in Stuttgart. Now we have been sharing the work for the first time with a public at Gallus Theater Frankfurt :-)

In Infinite Movements – Sculpture#1, a group of performers negotiate continuous and highly energetic patterns of movement which can be perceived both subjectively and holistically. The resulting collective body undergoes constant transformation and with its different parts and multiple connections serves as a possible reflection of nature where each element is in relation to all the others in order for the whole to exist. The polymorphous imageries evade any attribution of meaning and address the energetic potential of the individual to question the concept of togetherness: as a body, a self and a group.

Choreographie: Isabelle Schad
Co-Choreographie und Performance: Tadas Almantas, Vega Diesveld, Yeji Lim, Xavier Lott, David McMillan Mikkelsen, Andrii Punko, Emma Rasmussen, Ilgim Uz, Emanuela Vurro
Sound/Music: Damit Simunovic, Isabelle Schad
Assistenz: Katelyn Skelley
Lights: Nico, Isaac Spencer, Isabelle Schad

pic: Valentin Fanel, all rights reserved.

See online : Gallus Theater

Published 14 February

Studio visit 17.12 at 2pm

We are offering an informal studio visit 17th December at 2pm around the work on the score of Solo for Lea with Josephine Findeisen. If you would like to book a visit, please contact Isabelle at is[at]
It would be nice to see you there!

pic. by Isabelle Schad
all rights reserved

Published 15 December 2021