California Roll / The comfort version
is an installation performance made of clothes, bodies, soundscapes dealing with landscape, positioning, visibility, points of view and perceptions.
It questions the location of the performance: Where is the performance happening?

California Roll’s visual foundation is a landscape, shaped and sculptured from thrown-out clothes that ‘house’ the performers and the visitors, giving them different degrees of appearance or disappearance. These clothes are organized in space by colors and become a composite aesthetic object as well as a place of comfort for both the performers and the visitors.
A mirror ceiling reflects the ground as a landscape and its inhabitants, which offers the possibility to see the overall space from a birdview.

A performative cycle of around 30 min, repeated in variations, is structuring and patterning the installation. The overall duration is depending on the fluctuation of visitors who enter at different moments within the given timeframe (approximately between 3-5 hours). They are invited to lay, sit and move in the space as they wish.
The landscape is thus equally shared between the 3 performers, a musician and the visitors, and proposes a gradual emergence of the performance within each cycle.
The observers can follow the occuring events from various body positions, which change their perspective:
- perceiving the landscape and its bodies in their tridimensionality while laying, sitting, standing etc.
- perceiving the performance as a bidimensional image through the reflection of the mirror. Laying on one’s back allows a dreamlike experience due to the comfort of the resting position and the distantiation created by the mirror.

The sound, a composite of naturalistic soundscapes (rain, wind and storms - conditions of nature) and cinematographic soundtracks, is mixed in real time. Sound sources are located both inside the landscape (= sound coming from underneath the clothes) and around it (=multiple sound sources around the landscape) in order to play with the perception of what is visible (ocean sound transforms the landscape into the sea etc).

California Roll / The comfort version aims for the kinesthetic transference towards the visitors and a stimulation of their senses and perceptions while the border between reality and fiction gets constantly blurred.