Still Lives starts in the streets of different cities (Essen, Halle, Lille, Bucharest and Berlin), where Good Work Productions’ team collects descriptions and comments on ’The Stumbling Block’, a photography by Canadian artist Jeff Wall. The collected sound material, free of any sensationalism, is reorganized towards creating a continuous soundtrack for the performances realized in each city. The connections between the different points of view taken by the interviewed persons provide the base for choreographic and scenic propositions.

In the cyclic installation version created in the frame of ’Berliner Ermittlungen’, the dispositive is designed to confront the sound materials gathered in each city with one another. The transcriptions of all the interviews are projected on five screens, each dedicated to a specific place.

The actual juxtaposition of paroles and statements expressed in different cities allows to observe and highlight similarities and differences in perceiving Jeff wall’s image and in positioning towards it.

More generally, ’The Stumbling Block’ functions here as a filter - its descriptions give an insight on the interviewed people, their different ways of perceiving the world, their social realities, as well as a sketch for an affective portrait of the places where they live .