With Double Portrait, Isabelle Schad continues a series of works which attempt to create distinct and personal portraits through a purely physical approach, moulding respective rhythms and energies into choreographed experiences.

“The images are always somehow in-between, hybrids, and can never be clearly defined. As soon as an image starts to say something that each member of the audience can recognise, I want to change it or get rid of the image.” (Isabelle Schad, excerpt from an interview with Wolfgang Horn, Theater : Ein Fest ! Tanzplattform 2016, 3sat)

Double Portrait– the portrait for Przemyslaw Kaminski and Nir Vidan – seeks to form a solo for two persons with their bodies, movements, and subjective rhythms. Each of them finds his prolongation in the other. In changing interdependencies, a shared space defines self and other, intimacy and care, colliding forces and violence, creating a web of connectivities. The work plays with aspects of Frances Bacon’s paintings, their complexity in visual rhythm, their intensity and immediacy. It raises matters around violence and sensuality, the role of temporality, the relation to oneself that expands into the other and into the world.