Premiere 10-12 September 2021, 7 pm in the Tanzhalle Wiesenburg.

Personne is about the face and hands.
‘Personne’ in French means the person, the self. It means also nobody, as in ‘y a personne’, meaning ‘nobody’s there’. The Latin writers invented the etymology ‘per sonare’ (to sound through), the word persona meaning mask: theatre mask, tragic mask, ritual mask or mask of the ancestors. As if in this word ’personne’ all the layers of the identity could pile up, from the idea of good looking; as in ‘bien de sa personne’; to the very self, meaning also a social role or personality, a character on stage, or an empty space, void of all human traces.
Personne is the latest fruit of a long collaboration between choreographer Isabelle Schad and visual artist Laurent Goldring. What characterizes their working process and makes their pieces become what they are, is the fact that each of them works on something else along the way.

The first phase of research in February and March 2021 took place within #Takecare Residenzen, a program supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.