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Published 10 April, 2024

The fruitful collaboration with Theater o.N. and dancer Aya Toraiwa continues and the next premiere is approaching: on 28 April we present Yuki Onna, a Japanese fairy tale about a mysterious woman with long black hair who dives into the cold snow and invites all the children (and adults) to play with the wind. A warm invitation to an “all ages” dance experience!

-Sunday 28 April, 4 pm + Monday 29 April, 10 am at the Tanzhalle Wiesenburg

-Friday 3 May, 10 am + Saturday 4 May and Sunday 5 May, 4 pm at Theater o.N. 

Click here for further info and tickets.

Pic: Isabelle Schad, all rights reserved


Published 22 March, 2024

The last two weeks have been incredibly rich and intense in practice and research within our mobile ensemble. We have started the OPS trainings with a focus on aikido and sword, before having Master Gerd Walter coming in for the week-end 16/17.3 giving us an aikido intensive workshop. He has been coming to the Tanzhalle Wiesenburg – our precious space being transformed for this occasion to a mobile Dojo – for the very first time. It has been a great experience, to be continued with.
In the past few days we have continued our open practice sessions with sword training, shaitsu and some opening research around a new project called Hands Dances.

Another inspiring workshop on aikido/sword has been held by Master Jochen Knau on thursday 21.3 followed by further sessions dedicated to our hands studies and shiatsu.

Thank you everyone for the enthusiasm, dedication and willingness to embark on this ongoing research journey together.

Pic. David Kummer, all rights reserved