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Published 5 Mai

Mai 11 the group piece Reflection will travel to Theater Heilbronn to be shown as part of the Festival Tanz! Heilbronn 2023.

We are delighted to be part of a very diverse programme put together by the curator Canan Erek.

More Info here.

Pic. by Dieter Hartwig, all rights reserved

Published 26 April

From 28-30 April we will present the German premiere of  “Personne With Voice” as part of a long weekend of dance at Radialsystem in Berlin.  This new collaboration with Laurent Goldring originates with the concept of “Personne”: Faces, hands and voice explore different layers of identity – from personality to stage character to subject without individual characteristics.

More Info here.

Pic. by Laurent Goldring, all rights reserved

Published 20 April

From 22 – 26 April Harvest will be presented as part of the theatre festival for young audience Augenblick mal!

AUGENBLICK MAL! is the only nationwide festival of theatre for young audiences in Germany. As a platform for outstanding productions and different positions in the performing arts for young audiences, the festival has been promoting the development of theatre for children and young people for over 30 years.

Pic. by Dieter Hartwig, all rights reserved

Published 10 March

Next weekend March 11 and 12 Harvest will travel to Salzburg, to be presented at Toihaus Theater as part of the BimBam Theaterfestival 2023.

Pic. by Miriam Tamayo, all rights reserved

Published 1st March

Next weekend I will have the pleasure of taking part in a symposium on the topic of intergenerational work in dance: Blurring the boundaries: In search of intergenerational forms in dance A professional exchange by Theater o.N. and tanzhaus nrw in cooperation withOffensive Tanz für junges Publikum 

More info here

Come and join us for this exciting and topical issue!

Published 13th February

Open Practice Sessions  30.01-10.02.2023

Thank you so much for two wonderful weeks of research in which we delved into Aikido and Zen, voice and breath, choreographic studies and materialities. I am grateful for the many precious personal encounters.

Big THANKS to all participants for this great experience!

 Pic. by Isabelle Schad, all rights reserved

Published 1st February

H. S. Eglund on and BERG.LINK (German)

Large-format photos present the aesthetics of the stage works © Dieter Hartwig

Isabelle Schad WITH: Printing Dance, Describing Dance
Recently, the Berlin choreographer’s dance brigade fits between two book covers. Shortly before the end of the year, a retrospective of her work was published, looking back over the last ten years. The numerous projects fill much more than just pages. A recommendation.
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She works with soloists, choreographs groups or takes to the stage herself: Isabelle Schad is an established name in the Berlin dance scene.She has made a name for herself far beyond the city’s borders and has won numerous prizes. Her finely crafted projects offer a unique aesthetic made up of body language and movement.

The contrast between light and dark
Contrasts play a major role: light bodies against dark backgrounds, stripped of disturbing clothing, from a moving single act to a teeming group picture, following their own rhythm, amazing mechanics of arms, legs, hands, feet, heads and hair.

Now a printed monograph has been published that offers a beautiful overview of the diverse works of her artists and groups. Beautiful because the imagery of the large-format photographs echoes and condenses the typical aesthetic of Schad’s stage works.

An idea from barren times
Printing dance is as difficult as writing about dance. It is only about the catalogue, not about the works on stage. The idea for the monograph was born at a difficult time, when Corona was closing its dance theatres. The fact that the catalogue was finally completed is a testament to the perseverance of the artist, her collaborators and fellow artists.

The book is an enrichment. It complements her presence on stage with an exciting presentation of her choreographies from the last decade. The result is a successful mixture of photos and texts. It is a feast not only for the eye, but also for the brain.

Those who do not know Isabelle Schad’s work will be inspired by this book. There is no doubt about that. And for those who are already familiar with her work, the images and descriptions will deepen existing impressions.

Collective creativity as a red thread
The idea of collective creativity is particularly striking. It runs like a red thread through the book and the projects presented in it. The title Isabelle Schad WITH outlines the aspirations of the choreographer, who always sees herself as a team player. In the past one would have said folk art collective or dance brigade. The I takes a back seat to the WE, in all modesty.

In this way the monograph becomes a bit like a brigade diary, it comes alive because it focuses on the creative process. It is not primarily about the final presentation on stage, but about the continuous creation of choreographies in the group. Sometimes the team consists of just you and/or a soloist. Sometimes there are twenty artists floating around the room.

The list of participants is long, very long. Nevertheless, the catalogue appears to be a unified whole. Fortunately, all the texts are in German and English. The first-class photographs, of course, need no translation.

Schad’s choreographic style is understood worldwide, even without words. To sum up: printing dance, describing dance – this difficult undertaking is more than successful.

Published 28th January

Great pleasure to be teaching Aikido and Zen at the BA Program in the beautiful studio11 at Uferstudios for the past four weeks.

Thank you to the amazing group of participants.

Published 21th December

OUT NOW and available for purchase: Isabelle Schad WITH

A freshly printed book, a visually compelling and poetical journey through the last ten years of work by the choreographer Isabelle Schad. A  special Christmas present for dance and art lovers :)))

Get in contact with us to order the book or to purchase a present coupon HERE

Isabelle Schad WITH 

Editors: Elena Basteri, Annette Lux, Isabelle Schad with Heiko Schramm

With texts by: Elena Basteri, Saša Božić, Susanne Foellmer, Laurent Goldring, Przemek Kamiński, Andrej Mirčev, Bruno Pocheron, Isabelle Schad, Annemie Vanackere, Gerhard Walter, Gabriele Wittmann  

Graphic design: HIT
Year: 2022
Language: English / German
280 pages
Price: 28€