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Personal approach and teachers

Personal approach and teachers

Since 2012 I have been studying Zen-Shiatsu at the Zentrum für Harmonische Bewegung, where my main teacher has been Jochen Knau, next by Johannes Stein.
I have been graduating in the first year’s education program (certificated at BfG / DGAM as: Zen-Shiatsu Gesundheitpraktikerin BfG für Entspannung und Vitalität*) and in Zen-Shiatsu after S.Masunaga (certificated at BfG / DGAM as: Zen-Shiatsu Gesundheitspraktikerin BfG für Persönlichkeitsbildung*).
Since 2017 I have continued further studies in Shiatsu at Shiatsu-Schule Kreuzberg, where my main teacher has been Harald Gierl (graduation of the 3 years program in 2019).

Today, I accompany different persons with Shiatsu over longer periods and I’m giving treatments in consultation with people who are contacting me.

If you are interested in individual sessions and want to know more about duration, practicalities and prices, you can contact me here

As a choreographer, dancer and Shiatsu Practitioner, I’m currently working with everything I have learned supporting the multiple layers within my practices. Shiatsu is influencing my teaching and enters into, e.g., my Open Practice Sessions at Tanzhalle Wiesenburg or into group works, or within the frame of workshops that I give in Berlin or abroad. I see Shiatsu as well as a dance, as vibrant energy which is universal, as an approach to the self as consciousness and as sensual experience – for each one in her/his own way. (Isabelle Schad)

* BfG: Berufsverband für GesundheitspraktikerInnen
DGAM: Bildungsakademie der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Alternative Medizin.