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Tanzhalle & Werkhalle Wiesenburg 2021:

Events 06.-08.08.21

Open Practice Sessions / HumboldthainTurning Solo 2 / Humboldthain
Harvest (Installation) / Tanzhalle WiesenburgTaschenbluesorchester / Concert in the garden, Tanzhalle Wiesenburg
Double Portrait (Installation) / Tanzhalle WiesenburgRe-Birth & Love Tunes – Soul of Mother earth / Dvora Gala Blu and Andesh / RampeAftershow: Trance & Dance – old school only! / Werkhalle Wiesenburg21:00 BACH – Shasta Ellenbogen / Werkhalle Wiesenburg

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Open Practice Sessions in Volkspark Humboldthain.
Practising in the park opens up unlimited and wonderful connections with the outside world. It illustrates – and much more so than when we practice indoors, where walls and doors define the boundaries of space – that the focus can be sent infinitely far away. (Isabelle Schad).

By practising together, participants will have the opportunity to interchange physically and relate their own experience to the choreographic works to be experienced later in the day. Everybody is invited to take part.


Turning Solo 2… is an extension of the solo performance of the same title. It brings together two interpretations, two worlds, two singular portraits in a single time slot: I had long dreamed of this. Naima and Jasmin are so different, yet the common action of whirling and running on the same score opens up a common ground with many overlaps of resonances and experiences. Parallelisms of contrasting colour. (Isabelle Schad)

Harvest Installation… is about mindfulness; and about the question of how to work with nature, how to make use of it and how to treat it with respect. The work uses the artist’s own harvest of willows from the garden of Tanzhalle Wiesenburg.

In this installative variant, individual movement sequences are picked out under aspects of continuous movement, of sculptural becoming, timelessness and decisiveness. This creates landscapes that can be inhabited according to temporalities and perspectives that are left up to the spectators. The core of the material derives from the work Harvest commissioned by Offensive Tanz für junges Publikum und Theater o.N. that will be premiered for young and all audiences from 3 years on.

Double Portrait Installation
– a portrait of Przemek Kaminski and Nir Vidan – is a solo for two personalities, their bodies, movements and rhythms.

Each of the two finds his extension in the other. The shared space differently determines self and other, intimacy and responsibility, clashing forces and vehemence, and creates a network of interactions. In the installation version of the Double Portrait the audience is invited to determine the duration, perspectives and intensities of their own viewing.

Cast & credits:Concept, choreography: Isabelle Schad
Co-choreography, performance:Naïma Ferré & Jasmin İhraç (Turning Solo 2), Jan Lorys, Aya Toraiwa, Manuel Lindner (Harvest Installation), Przemek Kaminski, Nir Vidan (Double Portrait Installation)
Sound: Damir Simunovic
Light: Emma Juliard
Costume (Turning Solo 2): Charlotte Pistorius
Production management: Heiko Schramm
Dramaturgy and PR: Elena Basteri
Photos: Dieter Hartwig, Isabelle Schad
Supported by DIEHL+RITTER/TANZPAKT RECONNECT, which is funded by the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR initiative
Harvest, a production by Theater o.N. in the context of »Offensive Tanz für junges Publikum Berlin« was funded by TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund and the Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe.
Tanzhalle Wiesenburg is supported by the production-venue fund of the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.