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Studies on Infinity#1

30.06.2023 18-20h

01.07.2023 16-18h

Tanzhalle Wiesenburg, Wiesenstrasse 55, 13357 Berlin

Studies on infinity #1 deals with the working material and materialities related to Isabelle Shad’s upcoming group work The Shift Of Focus, which will premiere at HAU1 in October 2023. Removed from its theatre context, the movement material is examined for its potential of infinite repetition and variation, which develops its power in a durational installation performance. Certain sections are cut and recombined, as if zooming in or like miniatures, in such a way that each element can speak for itself in a field of tension between protagonist and chorus, landscape and inhabitants, movement and its voice, infinitely repeating like everything in our universe.

Cast & Credits

Concept & Choreography: Isabelle Schad; Co-Choreography & Performance: Aya Toraiwa, Claudia Tomasi, David Kummer, Forough Fami, Jan Lorys, Jasmin İhraç, Johanna Ackva, Maja Zimmerlin, Manuel Lindner, Veronika Heisig, Viviana Defazio, Yusuke Taninaka; Composition & Sound: Damir Simunovic; Light Design, Technik: Emma Juliard, Arnaud Lesage; Costume: Melika Akbariasl; Voice Work: Ignacio Jarquin;  Outreach and Mediation: Elena Basteri; Production Managment: Heiko Schramm; Production: Isabelle Schad